How Biteful used Sellergeni to grow 3x on Amazon.

About Biteful

Cookies and biscuit manufacturers based out of India. We take pride in Manufacturing a “fine range” of Biscuits and Cookies without any Additives and Preservatives.


The team at Biteful had little confidence in how they can profitably scale on Amazon. Given the presence of existing players and a lack of know-how to manage and grow their store. They came to SellerGeni to see if we could help them.

SharanPavan, Founder & CEO at BitefulProducts, looked toSellergeni as the solution to their marketplace growth problem. They deployed SellerGeni AI on their Amazon store to help them grow their Business.

After implementing SellerGeni, Biteful saw an immediate 50% increase in sales on their Amazon Products. With a restored faith in their ability to do business on Amazon , they were able to confidently ramp up their product line and increase their revenue by 300% with just SellerGeni AI to grow them.

Here's What they are saying

We are now " Amazon' Choice". We are thankful to biteful family who kept trust in us and the product.Thanks to #sellergeni and it's automated #growz AI for helping us reach the set milestones.

They are Happy to share it with others too

Biteful have shared their growth story and journey on SellerGeni with users on their Instagram Page.

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