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A 360° Platform to GROW
Want to grow your amazon business?
We brings in all the expertise you need to increase your revenue on amazon. Simply select the goal you want to achieve and let us do it for you.
How can SellerGeni help your Brand Scale?
Introducing GrowZ
and SmartPlug
Together they can automate your Product Listing and Amazon PPC like an army of Experts
working 24 hours on your Products.

GrowZ - AI Driven AMAZON PPC Automation Platform.
AI based Strategy driven Amazon PPC Automation Platform. Start Growing with just a click.

SmartPlug - Product Listing Optimisation.
Try out multiple versions of your Product listing to get to the best converting one. SmartPlug automates the process for you.
Growth Plan’s for your business
Select the Goal you want to reach and we will take care of the rest.
Steady Growth Plan
Never worry about Optimizing or Creating new campaigns again. Hourly, Weekly and Hourly Optimization of existing ads and finding new keywords to increase your Sales.
Popular Features
  • Negative Keyword Engine
  • Bidding Engine
  • Order Clock
Rapid Growth Plan
In a hurry to increase your revenue? Rapid Growth plan can scale your brand to its max potential in a matter of few weeks. A to Z automation.
Popular Features
  • Heavy ad Spend
  • Order Clock
  • Bidding Engine
Launch Your Products
Starting to scale your Brand? Do it like the experts but with just a click of a button. We will identify and operate the entire show for you.
Popular Features
  • Keyword Analyzer
  • Campaign launcher
  • Ad Creator
Our Platform, yours for Free.
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Follow your Favourite
Marketplace of Experts
Find experts who are skilled in your Product's category and follow them. We will execute their campaign strategies for you. Expert created strategies just a click away. Getting skilled Marketers in not a challenge anymore.

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