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The World's Smartest AI Growth manager for Amazon.

No-Code & No-Brainer E-commerce Solution.
Launch Powerful Strategies in few clicks.

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We are building the missing layer - We are productising strategies. Power your business with the strength of 100s of marketing experts. Bringing together all Ecommerce tools & strategies in a single dashboard.
Find out what is not working. Simply
connect your Amazon Account.
Let us analyze,
why your targets are not hit.
And tell you not just how to fix it
but Fix it for you.

Our range of products for all your ecommerce needs

Currently Supporting Amazon.

Deploy Powerful Strategies at the click of a button.

GrowZ can help you manage and Grow your Amazon business with little to no Marketing expertise.
Find the right Keywords: One Click Automation to Find new Profitable Keywords to scale your sales.
Launch and Scale Campaigns: Be it to optimise your ACOS or to launch new campaigns the right way, we have it covered.
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Supports Amazon & Shopify

Drag & Drop Product Description Builder

Build & Maintain a single Product description for both Shopify & Amazon.
Build Enhance Product Description: Seamlessly sync across both Amazon & Shopify. Stay updated on both your sales channels using one Description Catalogue.
Optimize for SEO & Conversion: Get quality SEO driven content written for your Products. Get content written and stay updated on both your channels.
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Remove Negatives GoalHarvester GoalDefender Goal
Pioneer GoalBidding Strategy
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Intersting Features

Powerful Growth Tools

Everything you would need to understand and Grow your Business.
Order Clock
Keyword Explorer
AI Bidding Engine
Campaign Analysis
SEO Content Enhancer
Competitor Intelligence
Aisle Dominator
AutoPilot Growth

Read our case studies and see what we can do for your Business.

Biteful Grows 3x On Amazon.

Biteful saw an immediate 50% increase in sales on their Amazon Products, and achieved Overall Growth of 3X, and Amazon's Choice badge
Author at Sellergeni

We’ve got you covered, 24/7.

It is simple to connect SellerGeni into your Business. Get started in minutes.

How do I get started with SellerGeni?

Just 3 steps. Sign-Up, Sync, Sit-back and Relax.

- Sign Up and Create a Sellergeni Account, or simply login using your Amazon Account.
- Sync Your Amazon Seller and Ads Account, by authorizing sellergeni on Amazon.
- Set required Goals, and relax while we do the rest.

We Offer a 30-day free trial, No Cards, No Questions. Try Now.

How secure is my data?

Data security and Privacy is our top priority, we are 100% compliant to the guidelines of Amazon. We do not sell your data to anybody else, and use it only for driving the Goals authorized by you.

How do I get trained or use the product?

We are glad to walk you through and fully train you and your team to leverage the complete capabilities of SellerGeni tools. Apart from these training sessions we have also built a library of On-demand help videos and Knowledge base to help you steer through the product.
You can also reach out to us through in App help or support tool incase you are stuck and need our help.

Can I get an account manager to handle the my account ?

Yes, you can hire an account manager through SellerGeni. You will be guided through the setup and scaling phase personally and would ensure your business goals are being met.

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